Friday, December 25, 2009

The e-book, the e-reader, and the future of reading

The Christian Science Monitor presents a few perspectives on reading with e-readers.

The e-book, the e-reader, and the future of reading by Matthew Shaer

Do we really want to curl up with an e-book? by CSM editor, John Yemma

The second link is to an editorial, a circumspect, the first explores some of the pros and cons, but concludes with:

"Even the most dedicated futurists agree that the adoption of e-reading will follow a slow curve, expanding outward from a cadre of early adopters to the public at large.

“I think we’re in the very early stages of assembling a tool kit that will enable a tremendous amount of experimentation,” says Mike Shatzkin, CEO of The Idea Logical Company, a consulting firm. “It will be many years before we figure out what the new book forms will be and what impact they’ll have on the way people think and behave.”

In the meantime, readers may inhabit a happy middle ground"

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John said...

The Kindle may in fact be somewhat inconvenient for curling up with a book, but I am not going to kill another tree. From now on, it's an electronic edition or the library. Never again will I buy a printed book unless I can't get it any other way.