Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Bat Segundo Show

As I write this I am listening to an hour long interview with Rebecca Solnit. While I'm listening I'm scrolling through the most recent interviews appearing on the Web site for the Bat Segundo Show. Ever since beginning this blog (several years now), I've been receiving periodic emails from the Bat Segundo Show. Since they were unsolicited emails, I didn't pay any attention to it. It wasn't until a few months ago that I thought I would actually visit the site. The emails were interesting enough and infrequent enough that I had never put them in junk mail, but I am wary of following up on unsolicited email as I imagine most of you are as well.

But The Bat Segundo Show turns out to be a treasure trove of interviews with contemporary writers from the world of fiction, film, philosophy, and current cultural comment. People interviewed in the most recent round of pod casts include, besides Solnit, Laurel Snyder, Michael Muhammad Knight, Nicholas Meyer, Majorie Rosen, Lawrence Block, Laurie Sandell, Brian Evenson, and Dick Cavett.

The interviewer asks challenging questions and the person interviewed is given free reign to follow up on the answers. These are not fluffy celebrity interviews, but free ranging glimpses into the thoughts, thought processes, and works of the writer being interviewed. The interviewers are smart and familiar with the work of the writer as well as related writers and subjects.

You can subscribe to the podcasts through Live Bookmark or through ITunes.

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