Saturday, November 28, 2009

Americans in Siberia are recommending:

Kazuo Ishaguro's The Unconsoled. NY: Knopf, 1995
Burling 3rd Floor PR6059.S5 U53 1995

And on this particular American's reading list (purchased at the "Krasnoyarsk Market of Book Culture"). Titles are inprecise because they are in Russian:

1. A collection of Solzhenitsyn short stories

2. A book about Stalin era politics in Siberia and the Urals

3. A book about Soviet and Stalinist film

4. A book called "There is Light Everywhere": a collection of stories and excerpts from novels and memoirs about living in a totalitarian system. It's published by the Marina Tsvetaeva museum in Moscow.

5. "Unforced Labors" by Ariadna Efron and Ada Federolf (in English translation). It is also from the Tsvetaeva museum publishers. Their publishing company is called "Return" and all of their books have to do with the Gulags and political repression.

Taken from No Gray Hairs

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