Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Online Short Fiction by Walter Giersbach, No. 2

and if one newly published short story isn't enough good news--two certainly is great news:

I'm happy to see that a new short short story--"Big Biz @ the Mall"-- is up at The Corner Club Press.  The editor said two days after I submitted it, "You knew we were going to accept this." Well, no I didn't.
   I bounced a draft copy off an 18-year-old to get her thoughts. "Any typos or misspellings?" I asked. "No," she replied, "well, maybe one word's misspelled."  (You know who you are, young lady, but I won't embarrass you or anything.) 
   How about you?  You can find it in Issue IV, pp. 50-51 at http://www.thecornerclubpress.com/uploads/6/0/5/3/6053731/the_corner_club_press_issue_4.pdf, and read it between subway stops, while waiting for the barkeep to bring your beer, or during your first bathroom break at work.

Note from the blogger: You not only get the fast paced short story by author Giersbach, you get the entire 116 page anthology from Corner Club Press. Not to be missed! Many thanks Walter. Open Access and Digital Humanities all wrapped up into one.

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