Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nobel Prize for Literature Winner: Peruvian Writer Mario Vargas Llosa

Ilan Stavans has written an excellent column for the Chronicle of Higher Education on Vargas Llosa: "Mario Vargas Llosa: Enlightenment over Barbarism." Visit Literature Resource Center to find out more about Vargas Llosa and to find essays and articles by him. Born in 1936, Vargas Llosa is a versatile writer, he was a Peruvian presidential candidate in 1990, and a socially committed writer.

Books available in Burling Library (in Spanish and in English):

Aunt Julia and the Script Writer (1994)
Letters to a Young Novelist (2002)
The Challenge (1997)
Conversation in the Cathedral (1988)
The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto (1998)
The Culture of Liberty (1993)
In Praise of the Stepmother (1990)
The Feast of the Goat (2005)
Wellsprings (2008)
The Bad Girl (2007)

This is just a small sampling, for more visit Burling Library.

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