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Japanese Crime Novelist, Miyuki Miyabe

Japanese books! Novels by Miyuki Miyabe

Submitted by Deborah Iwabuchi

Burling Library is home to a complete set of the mystery novels of Miyuki Miyabe currently translated into English. Miyabe is a prolific Japanese writer who has sold millions of books in Japan, but is not quite as well known in the US. Mixing mystery, history, youth and some paranormal activity, as well as her own commentary on modern society, almost everyone in Japan has read a Miyabe novel at some time or another.

The titles available to you at Grinnell College are (in order of publishing date):

All She was Worth A straight mystery and the best known Miyabe novel in the English-speaking world; the search for a woman who has disappeared in an attempt to hide from the mess consumer financing has made of her life.

Burling 3rd PL856.E856 K3713 1999

Shadow Family This is also a “strictly in this world” tale that takes place in a single day at a Tokyo police station. In an effort to find a murderer, in the presence of the real family of the victim, police question his “shadow family”, a group of people the murdered man met online as part of a role-playing game.

Burling 3rd PL856.I856 R213 2004

Crossfire A series of murders take place in Tokyo, and all of the victims have been burned to a crisp. In this fantasy-plus-police procedural, Miyabe unfolds a tale that looks at victims of injustice in modern society, and examines the question of whether or not passing judgment on criminals should be left to the police.

Burling 3rd PL856.I856 K8713 2005

The Devil’s Whisper A young man loses his parents and ends up living with his aunt and her family. He finds himself involved in the investigation of the deaths of four young women that ultimately leads him to the story behind the unraveling of his own family.

Burling, Smith Memorial PL856.I856 M3513 2007

For a fuller review of this novel, see the blog entry in the Grinnell Book Review

The Sleeping Dragon A teenager on a bicycle and the death of a young boy in the middle of a storm rope in an unwilling magazine reporter with a past of his own. The solution to all of the mysteries are in the hands of two young men: one who claims to be a psychic and the other who insists he is not.

Burling 3rd PL856.I856 R9813 2010

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