Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

Ishiguro, Kazuo. Nocturnes. New York: Knopf, 2009.

Submitted by R. Stuhr

Ishiguro is a favorite author of mine and so I read everything that he publishes. The great thing about liking the works of living authors is that you get to look forward to new books. This year has been good to me so far with Ishiguro, Anne Tyler (coming up next), and soon, Chang-Rae Lee. There is more, but this winter is clouding my brain and these three are foremost in my mind. The first two I have actually already read and enjoyed. My favorite Ishiguro novel is The Unconsoled, a Kafkaesque, anxiety dream that never ends. The main character is a pianist, who among other things, is finding it hard to find a room to practice in. It is dark and hilarious at the same time. Nocturne is a collection of short stories all of which have something to do with music and maybe self-confidence: lovers of music, musicians trying to make it, musicians trying to make come backs. Every single story was excellent and a perfect snapshot. Even Ishiguro's first person narratives seem to keep their distance from the reader, but I find the style appealing and somewhat mysterious. The characters don't reveal everything, and they are often confused and trying to figure out what is going on as well as the reader. Please read! I love Kazuo Ishiguro. If you have only read The Remains of the Day, you don't have a complete picture of everything he has to offer.

The Unconsoled
Burling 3rd Floor PR6059.S5 U53 1995

The Remains of the Day
Burling 3rd Floor PR6059.S5 R46 1989

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