Friday, March 6, 2009

Teen Critics at the Overbrook Park Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia

Helen Perelman and Peter Barsocchini. Turn Up the Heat. High School Musical. NY: Disney Press, 2008.

Teeyanna Harris,a 6th grader at Lamberton School in Philadelphia, wrote the following summary and assessment of Perelman and Barsocchini's Turn up the Heat.

A baking program has a cake contest and Zeke, Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay are in it.

Assessment: Teeyana writes, "I think that the winner of the contest desrved their prize. Also, I think that when Troy and too many people started showing up to help cook, that is when the problems started. The end was great because, before Zeke or anybody got too crazy and annoyed, they made a beautiful dessert and won."

Teeyana rates the book for popularity and quality:

Popularity: "A lot of teens will REALLY LIKE it!"

Quality: "Well written!"

You can find this novel at public libraries, including Des Moines and Ames area public libraries in Iowa, the Delaware County Library System in SE Pennsylvania, and 50 branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia, including Overbrook Park 7422 Haverford Avenue.

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