Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teen Critics at the Overbrook Park Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia

David Van Etten. Likely Story. NY: Knopf, 2008.

Rasheda Hinton, a ninth grader at Central High School in Philadelphia wrote the following summary and assessment of Van Etten's new young adult novel, Likely Story.

A girl and her mother (a soap actress) debate a lot. Then, the girl gets the opportunity of a life time . . . and more confusion occurs.

Assessment: Rasheda writes, "Overall I think Likely Story is an excellent story. The best thing about the story is the dialogue. Also, the characters have very descriptive personalities. The story is very realistic. I would read this again and recommend it to many people. I give it 4 stars. Oh, also, its sarcasm is humorous and the highlighted quotes in the tvs were brilliant."

You can find this novel at public libraries, including Des Moines area public libraries in Iowa, the Delaware County Library System in SE Pennsylvania, and 22 branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia, including of course, Overbrook Park 7422 Haverford Avenue.

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Timothy said...

Great review of this story book... I would like to read this one!!