Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recommendations from Prairie Light's book buyer Paul Ingram

Just today I stumbled across the fact that Book Sense, the independent book sellers' collaborative front, had become Indie Bound. Indie Bound's Web site is annoying, catering to something . . . not necessarily books or the bookish--but I'm sure books are there. There are also author interviews hidden in there somewhere. I stumbled across one with Lois Lowry, but I couldn't find a link to the interviews, nor could I find a place to search the Web site--it is probably there, but I was just too bothered by the hype to keep looking. BUT The good thing was that in trying to figure out if this site was legitimate, I went to the Prairie Lights Web page to see if the Indie Bound logo was there (and it was) and I found this link to Paul Ingram's "corner." There is a nice varied list of recommendations there with compact but enlightening descriptions. The books range from "country noir" to Iowania to politics and history. Browse and enjoy!

Paul's Corner at Praire Lights Book Store in Iowa City.

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