Monday, May 5, 2008

Chronicle Commentary urges wealthy colleges to buy the New York Times

Lee Smith has written the following commentary in the Chronicle of Higher Education available online on May 5 and May 9 in the print edition: POINT OF VIEW: The Wealthiest Colleges Should Acquire 'The New York Times'." In this commentary, Smith recommends that the wealthiest colleges commit 3% of their endowment toward buying and running The New York Times. Smith notes the dire circumstances of many of the remaining national newspapers and explains why it is important to continue to have journalists and newspapers--whether their primary mode of publication is online or in print.

The Grinnell College Libraries subscribe to The New York Times in print and have past issues on microfilm back to 1851. There are printed indexes in the reference area through which you can search the paper back to 1851. We also have access through Lexis-Nexis Academic and through Access World News. The college participates in the newspaper program that gives away copies of The New York Times and the Des Moines Register in stands across campus including the Spencer Grill and outside the Kistle Science Library.

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