Monday, December 17, 2007

recommendations for winter break

Jonathan Franzen. The Corrections, 2001. PS3556.R352 C67 2001
(a family epic)

Jonathan Lethem. Motherless Brooklyn, 1999. PS3562.E8544 M68 1999
(An unusual crime novel)

Jonathan Lethem. As She Climbed Across the Table, 1998. PS3562.E8544 A9 1998
(Very funny!!!)

Anne Tyler. Digging to America, 2006. PS3570.Y45 D47 2006
(has a very funny scene involving a bicycle helmet)

Anne Tyler. The Accidental Tourist, 1985. PS3570.Y45 A64 1985
(A beautiful novel about love and death)

Kazuo Ishiguro. The Unconsoled, 1995. PR6059.S5 U53 1995
(Kafkaesque and very funny in a dark way)

Bakopoulos, Dean. Please Don't Come Back from the Moon, 2005. PS 3602 .A593
(a moving novel about our changing society especially in the rust belt)

Jonathan Raban (another Jonathan!). Wax Wings, 2003. PR6068.A22 W39 2003
(the boom and bust of the 90's in Seattle)

Recommended by Rebecca Stuhr

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