Friday, August 17, 2007

Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon, 1845

Crew, Linda. Heart for Any Fate: Westward to Oregon, 1845. Portland: Oregon Historical Society Press : Distributed by the University of Washington Press, c2005

Reviewed by Donna Hoeksema

Heart for Any Fate gives a more balanced view of all of the people involved in an early move from Missouri to Oregon. It is written from the perspective of a young 17 year old traveling with her extended family. It is in the historical fiction category with different insights into the Indians, buffaloes, soldiers, and responsibility. It was a quick read (since I could do it during a busy vacation out to Colorado --- traveling some of the same paths mentioned in the book).

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Grinnell College Libraries said...

I've always liked reading books about the places I'm traveling. This sounds like an interesting book, complementing a great vacation!

LJC1 said...

I'm the author of this book, A Heart for Any Fate. I was tickled to find this mention on the Grinnel College Libraries blog, because we have ties to Grinnell. My husband's family lived there and left for California after the tornado of June 17, 1882. Their name was Miles and a store on your mainstreet still bears that name. While I was giving school talks in Nebraska once, my husband drove to Grinnell and visited the historical society. Thanks, Donna, for recommending my book!